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About us

“Engaging with the arts and developing our creativity helps us develop some of life’s most important skills”

Are you looking for people that have a lot in common with you?

South West Art Workshops is an online platform established to enable easy access to creative workshops, art classes and art courses throughout South West England.

Created by Katherine Bryan-Merrett, an artist herself, it gives customers a simple way to discovering what is available in their area and offers artists an accessible avenue to promote their workshops.

Art has always been a joyful thing to participate in, to watch, to experience, to learn about, to grow with and further develop your own skills and expertise. Our focus here at South West Art Workshops is to make it more accessible to more people. We believe that art and being creative are things to enjoy and have fun with, we want everyone to have a go at something new. Who knows…. you might just find a secret talent you never knew about.

There are so many benefits from engaging with the arts that we think it should be a part of everybody’s life, wether a daily passion or a yearly treat. Making and doing gives us such a good sense of enjoyment and freedom (even if it has to go wrong a few times first).

As well as all the obvious benefits of getting creative like having fun, meeting interesting people and learning something new, there are also some very deep benefits such as; observational skills, confidence building, building awareness, stress relief, dealing with prejudices, problem solving, overcoming objections, creative thinking and much much more…..

We offer three main services;

Workshops – these are workshops to hire, in which the artist travels to the customer. These can be pre set by the artist or tailor made for the customer.

Events – these are activities such as classes, courses and master classes where the customer travels to the artist or a venue of the artist’s choice. Event are set by the artists.

Art Breaks – these are organised holidays and trips where the customer attends a set course at a given location. These generally will have all accommodation, meals and tuition included as part of a package. These can either be custom made for a group (eg a hen party weekend) or individuals can attend set breaks.

Meet Our Team

We Make South West Art Workshops Work!
team member

Katherine Bryan-Merrett

Katherine has over a decade of experience working in the arts sector. She is an artist, a businesswoman and lover of all things creative!
team member

Miles Owen

Coming from the eco and retail sector, Miles has extensive experience in marketing and communications, loves his rugby and is outdoors as often as he can be.
team member

Kate Montgomery

Workshop Coordinator
Kate is a writer and blogger who specialises in the Arts. She has had a long career in project management and loves a creative challenge!