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London Fashion Week 2014 – Art of Fashion

It’s the last day of London Fashion Week and we have been thinking about the art of fashion. We can get swept up in all the glamour of the event itself, but the part that interests me is the creative process; inspiration – design – creation. This process is the same in any creative practice [...]

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Colour – An artist’s ambition

Colour is one of the world’s most fascinating things with many artists and scientists dedicating their lives to unwrapping it’s secrets. So many elements to uncover and question;  How do we see colour? How do certains colours make us feel? How do we recognise colour? How is it constructed? What if we were to change [...]

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Where has our imagination gone?

Living in the digital age and having billions of images, information and inspiration available at the click of a mouse, are we forgetting how to imagine? How often do we head to Pinterest when we are trying to think how to do something, or what to make? Be it food, craftwork, painting, design, fashion (and [...]

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Art v Anomie

The last year has seen increasing concern in the media surrounding the issue of loneliness and isolation amongst the elderly in the UK. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has stated that ‘It is a source of national shame that 800,000 older people in England say that they are chronically lonely’ (BBC News). The following two maps [...]

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Welcome to South West Art Workshops!

Hi Everyone and welcome to South West Art Workshops! South West Art Workshops was established in 2012 when artist Katherine Bryan-Merrett saw that there was a real need for a platform to help promote artists workshops, after 2 years of work and research… We are delighted to announce the launch of the brand spanking new [...]

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The Value of Art in Senior Care

At South West Art Workshops we listen to a lot of Classical music in the office. One piece that never fails to inspire us is Ravel’s Boléro (1875-1937). Having played the oboe for eight long years as a young girl, the oboe d’amore stands out for me, but essentially Ravel instructs the same melody to [...]

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