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Children’s Art Week – Ideas for Schools

March 21, 2018 / By: Lucy White No Comments.

Children’s Art Week is coming around again and it’s gaining popularity among schools year on year.

The UK wide programme run by ENGAGE – the National Association for Gallery Education – invites schools, museums and other venues to come up with their own workshops and events to join a weeklong celebration of children’s creativity. This year the event takes place from 9th-17th June.

Whether you are planning an event for Children’s Art Week or just looking for some fun, creative sessions for the end of term, we can help find the right workshop for you. There are loads of ways to get involved with Children’s Art Week. No matter the budget or time available, the most important thing is that the children dive into their creativity, explore new materials, discover new artists and broaden their creative horizons.

Schools that host an event and register it with ENGAGE via their website can receive support to spread the word about their event and there are even small grants available for the first events to be registered by early May. Wondering where to start with creating a children’s art week programme or one-off event for your school?

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Be inspired by local artists. Why not arrange for artists from your local area to come into school and present their work, speaking about what inspires them and running a hands on session that all ages can get involved in. This could culminate in an exhibition of the children’s art alongside some work from local artists and you might invite parents and the community to view the results. We have over 400 experienced, DBS checked, and insured artists across the South West so can help you to find a reliable local artist to work with.

Get creative with curricular themes. Are you studying reptiles and environmental protection in science this year? Why not bring in an artist to combine the two with a recycled sculpture workshop creating beautiful sea turtles from recycled cans and plastics? You could make maths beautiful with a collaborative geometric collage or mosaic to display on the wall. Which country are you learning about in geography? Why not explore a creative practise from that culture and have a go yourselves?

Explore unusual materials. Children’s Art Week is an opportunity to try new things and explore new areas of creativity outside of the regular arts curriculum. There are so many different media to explore. What about fabric printing, willow weaving or even light graffiti? There is so much to choose from. Have a browse around the school workshops section of our website to see how broad the possibilities are and perhaps find some inspiration or an activity that catches your eye.

Tie in with a school trip. Have you been down to the coast for a geography trip? Learning about local history in your town? Why not arrange an art workshop that connects with a recent educational trip and allows the children to reflect on and be inspired by what they have seen. They could make sea bird mobiles from driftwood, or collage coats of arms. Our artists are super flexible and can come up with bespoke themed workshops around pretty much any brief. Drop us a line to discuss your ideas and see what is possible.

Create an Arts Week themed activity programme or a Pop-Up Arts Day at school In past years we have worked with schools to create full Children’s Art Week programmes with a diverse range of artists and art forms working around a theme, culminating in a fabulous exhibition of all the work produced. We have also arranged pop-up one day workshops where the whole school becomes a hive of creativity for one day and all ages are involved in creative activities.

We are here to do the leg work of arranging artists, getting proposals to meet your brief and dealing with all the admin of contracting and logistics – so you can focus on the learning environment and the students. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

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