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Clowning Around

October 20, 2016 / By: Kate Montgomery No Comments.
Clowning Around

The scary clown craze has been sweeping the country in recent weeks. With an alarming social media driven speed it’s become a rather silly or rather terrifying hashtag depending on your point of view.  Whether you feel that the people who seemingly enjoy scaring others are fools or psychopaths it’s clear that the one thing these people are is unpopular. But there is another side to this which is impacting people on a far more worrying level and that’s genuine clowns. The ones who make a living from being fun, friendly and approachable. The ones who are being driven out of business and fearing for their own safety for simply upholding the once popular and revered tradition of clowning.



At South West Art Workshops we love clowns. We love our local clown Tweedy who tours with Giffords Circus and stages his own one-man show at theatres across the region. We love our clown practitioners who engage with children giving them confidence and laughter. We love everything about the concept of fun, humour and slap-stick comedy which a traditional clown embodies.


Our advice for those who find themselves irritated or even terrified of the recent nonsense? Book yourself in for a clown workshop and learn about how clowns really work. We promise you won’t regret it.

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