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Gorgeous poetry from our creative elders!

November 8, 2017 / By: Lucy White No Comments.
A heartwarming group poem from our elderly artists

One of our groups of elderly clients at a care home  in Cheltenham, facilitated by our fantastic Poetry tutor Dawn McHale, has produced this beautiful poem. Shared here with the groups permission…

Group Poem (from Rupert Brooke’s ‘Great Lover’ 1887-1915)
By Hanz and Robyn, Mick B, Nigel and Emily, Pat, Pat W., ET Price, Sidney

These I have loved:

Morning wake ups, warm and cosy
Nothing more than dozy
Take my pills
Of my own will
Morning tea before a wee
The thought I must get up
With Maggie push and shove
My true love
Like a dove
She makes my breakfast
Hot porridge and grapes
My comfortable chair
We sit like a matching pair
We talk about our daily life
With my loving wife
Listening to jazz
Reading books
Terry Pratchett books
Watching the world go by out of the window
Music, mindsong
Spending time with my daughter
Watching TV on my sofa
Slippers and dressing gown
Afternoon naps
Playing Bingo
My wife
Listening to music, dancing
Elvis, Johnny Cash, country music, R&R
Walking up Everest when 70
Great grandchildren
Comfy chair
the garden
naps in the chair
playing cards
Travelling around the world

A man is not old when his hair is grey
A man is not old when his teeth decay
But a man is ready for his long last sleep
When his mind makes appointments that his body can’t keep


Did I do right, did I do wrong?
Well both made me proud and keep me strong
Do I hold many regrets?
Well not about the children just their pets
I cannot turn back time
So make the most of knowing they are mine
All hold their own characteristics
Which at time can make me go ballistic
Watching them all grow and develop
Can at times make me swell up
Needless to say, a proud parent and grand-parent am I
Leaves me to finish with a tear in my eye

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