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South West Art Workshop is always looking for new creative workshops. If you are an artist and workshop provider then have a little read through our supplier information below.

South West Art Workshops is a platform designed to create easy access to art workshops across the region. From Gloucestershire to Cornwall and everything in between, we have a vast array of skilled, professional art workshop providers that can teach, educate and further the skills of the participant in their chosen medium.

We work with all types of customers including:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Care homes
  • Special needs facilities
  • Organisations
  • Clubs and groups
  • Private events and parties
  • Corporate and events
  • Councils
  • Charities
  • and much much more…

For artists it offers a professional service that generates them business, coordinates and facilitates workshops on their behalf and provides all the administrative and customer service support they would need.

For the customer it offers a one stop shop to find artists and creative activities across their region and beyond. It give the customer one point of contact and a professional body to handle their account.

Pastel portrait workshop


How does South West Art Workshops work?

South West Art Workshops coordinates and facilitates creative workshops between the Supplier (artist) and Customer. We advertise, promote and sell the workshops to a wide range of customers from schools to care homes, individuals to groups.

What are the fees?

South West Art Workshops charges a 20% margin to the Customer which is added on to the price set by you with a minimum fee of £30. With custom made workshops or workshops designed for the customer by South West Art Workshops, there is a 25% margin added on to the artist’s rate.

How will i be paid?

Directly into your chosen bank account via BACS. After you have completed your Workshop or Event, we will contact you to raise an invoice on the agreed amount and you will be paid within 30 days of completion.

How many workshops can i expect to do?

This varies vastly depending on what type of workshop/s you offer, your flexibility, your availability, your experience, your location and what happens to come in. In short there is no guarantees either way – could be loads could be hardly any. All of the suppliers are ambassadors of South West Art Workshops and the more proactive you are, the more work will come your way. Workshop bookings vary from case to case and our sales & marketing team will be on hand to help you make your workshop/s more appealing to our customers. Talking about SWAW on social media and adding links from your website will also encourage bookings. We also have a feedback system to help improve our services.

What documentation do you need from me?

All of our suppliers will need:

  • Public liability insurance of up to £5m. We recommend getting this through A-N (the artist’s information company).
  • A recent CRB/DBS certificate will be required If you will be working with children, vulnerable adults or the elderly. In some cases they will have their own system and will conduct their own searches.
  • an up to date CV so we know what your experience is.
  • References from previous work.


What do i need to provide for the workshops?

Each workshop is different but generally you will need to provide materials – these will be costed in to any workshops you provide and approved by yourself and the customer before the workshop commences. You will be responsible for sourcing and ensuring suitability for these materials.

How do i sign up?

Easy – you can sign up using our online SUPPLIER FORM