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What's On in Somerset?

The rolling hills in Somerset are packed with amazing arts & crafts makers and some superb talent

The list of famous events and places in Somerset is too long to mention all here but just few would include Glastonbury Tor, the Glastobury Festival, Cheddar Gorge and Cheddar Cheese which of course can be washed down with some Somerset Scrumpy cider.

All these and many more have ensured Somerset has become a mecca for many creative types through the ages. It remains an ever popular destination today.

Map of Somerset


In Somerset


In Somerset

Art Breaks

Coming soon…

From Bath to Taunton, Exmoor to Yeovil and all that’s in between, we have got a fantastic array of workshops and events to suit everyone! See what ART EVENTS are going on in Somerset or check out the ART WORKSHOPS. Keep an eye out for Art Breaks in Somerset coming soon.

Printing, Painting, Performance, Poetry and Textiles...

With so many different types of workshops to choose from, sometimes it hard to know where to start! Well, take P for example.. we have some great Printmaking workshops, Painting, Performance or Poetry! Get stuck in and have a look about, see what’s available in Somerset. And remember if you can’t find what you are looking for then just get in touch and tell us what is is, one of our workshops specialists will be able to point you in the right direction or work with you to create a bespoke workshop!


Textiles workshops in Somerset

Textiles workshops in Somerset

Textiles is an exciting medium to work in, with numerous applications! We’ve got some great textiles workshops for Schools, individuals, elderly and anyone who wants to give it a go!

See what other great workshops we have got in Somerset for Schools

Printmaking workshops in Somerset

Printmaking workshops in Somerset

South West Art Workshops have got it all (and it doesn’t have to begin with P)! So many choices…. Why not take a peek at our Printing workshops or Performance workshops throughout Somerset