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What's On in Wiltshire?

Wilshire is home to some fantastic arts venues. Rich with both practicing professional artists and those that just enjoy it as a hobby.

Wiltshire’s most famous landmark is, without doubt, Stonehenge followed closely by the Cherhill White Horse both of which been inspirational in helping to develop many theories on their origins. The archaeology coupled with the picturesque landscapes of the Salisbury plains and Malborough Downs have always proved a much desired and accessible weekend escape being within an easy commute of London. It would although require many weekend get-aways to fully discover all that Wiltshire has to offer.

Map of Wiltshire


In Wiltshire


In Wiltshire

Art Breaks

Coming soon…

From Wotton Bassett to  Mere and all that’s in between we have got a fantastic array of workshops and events to suit everyone! See what ART EVENTS are going on in Wiltshire or check out the ART WORKSHOPS. Keep an eye out for Art Breaks in Wiltshire coming soon.

Turn something into something else!

That’s right! And there is no need to be Harry Potter to do it! We love finding old things and turning them into new things. From tin to a lantern, from a bottle to a bird, from a egg box to a crocodile. The only limitation is your imagination and if that’s the problem then get the South West Art Workshops team to help! We’ve got bags of ideas and fun workshops that inspire so get in touch.


Craft workshops in Wiltshire

Craft workshops in Wiltshire

Get messy! We love fun and have some brilliant workshops for schools! Using recycled materials is a great way to learn and make use of things you may have just thrown away! As well as recycled sculptures we have got all sorts! They can be custom made to meet with projects currently running with your class or you can just chose from what’s available. See what’s available in Wiltshire for schools

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Performance, theatre and music workshops in Wiltshire

Why not see what performance workshops we have? We have also got some fantastic workshops suitable for care homes and elderly. If there is something specific that you are looking for, then just let us know by contacting one of the team and we will arrange it all for you!